Metal Spinning for Canada and the US

Sieg’s Manufacturing Ltd. offers metal spinning across Canada and the US that range from prospecting supplies to kitchen cooking wares for businesses. To place an order or get a quote, contact us or stop by our location today.


We supply the custom lighting industry with round light shades, canopies, lens rings, and more. They come in units of small or large quantities that are made to fit our client’s specifications.

Restaurant Cooking Equipment

For restaurants and restaurant suppliers, we offer a way to save money. You can come to us directly for your pizza pans and lids, woks, and serving dishes instead of paying more through a retailer. We can even make custom round products for your culinary needs.

Gold Pans

Our gold pans are made with cold rolled steel, creating a durable and long-lasting pan that will last through even the toughest prospecting conditions. We stock all sizes, including: 1/2", 3/4", 1" 1 1/2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14" 14" ribbed, 16"

Pizza Pans/Lids

As pizza pan specialists, we can customize how your restaurant’s pizza pans look.


Cook with our woks at high temperatures with few worries. We carry high-quality woks that can withstand high temperatures while heating and cooking evenly.

Serving Dishes

We offer dishes like lasagna pans that will last long enough to handle any food you make for years to come.

Domes and Cones

Made to suit different situations, our domes and cones are spun in various metals. We have multiple stock dies so we can make hemispheres that are 1–36” in diameter.

Products We Customized

We spun an aluminum cup holder for our client’s movie theatre chairs.
We spun a stainless steel lid to cover our client’s concrete fire pits.
We crafted aluminum molds for our client’s candle-makers.
We spun round parts for our client’s vacuums.

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